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Progressive's compactors, balers and precrushers help you use less space, have fewer scheduled collections, and save money on your company's solid waste collection and recycling services.

The Benefits of Compaction

Waste compactors, balers and pre-crusher offer your company numerous cost, health and safety benefits:

  • Lower collection costs
  • Reduced pilferage
  • Greater odor control
  • More space for storage and parking
  • Less litter and windblown trash
  • Extended pavement life
  • Lower labor costs
  • Better control of liquids and wet waste
  • Handles organic waste

Schedule a Free Audit

Schedule a free equipment audit and have one of our experienced commercial waste management experts evaluate your company's weekly waste volumes, monthly expenses and facility requirements. Choosing from equipment made by North America's top waste equipment manufacturers, we will recommend the solution that gives you the best combination of performance, efficiency, reliability and cost savings.

Whichever equipment service you select, it will be backed by the unmatched customer support available only from Waste Connections.

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